Agreement With Food Vendor

By putting their electronic signatures below, both parties comply with the terms of this food contract and swear to respect and respect them. The supplier has the right to terminate this delivery contract by written notification to the customer for the following reasons: The supplier makes available the staff for the customer`s food service area in the establishment. The staff includes all front and back-end positions, including cashiers, cooks and associated support rollers, but without wheels such as janitors or maintenance stations. The supplier is fully responsible for ordering and maintaining necessary food supplies, preparing and selling food to customers, and building basic sanitary facilities such as scanning, scanning and dishwashers. The customer is responsible for the provision of all necessary equipment and equipment, the great management of the household, such as wax floors, disinfection, cleaning of ventilation hoods and cleaning grease traps, as well as the provision or implementation of the necessary facilities or maintenance. The supplier charges the customer a monthly bill. Each invoice includes staff positions as well as deliveries or ingredients ordered in the previous month. The supplier agrees to charge the customer for all ingredients or deliveries ordered at a price, at no extra cost or additional fees. Staff must be billed at the allocated hourly rates, with overtime pay being billed in accordance with the usual labour laws. CONSIDERING that the customer wishes to hire the supplier as a food supplier to [Facility.Name] of the facility and that the supplier is willing to provide such services, both parties agree with the conditions described above: PandaTip: this contract is favorable to a situation in which a provider provides staff services to the existing catering establishment of a property owner. , for example live in an installation or in a concession state.B. This restoration contract must be renewed before the expiry date to ensure that the supplier continues to provide food services and staff at ease. If the contract is not renewed before the expiry, this may result in a loss of benefits.

The customer has the right to check the facility regularly to ensure that the customer complies with the terms of this food contract, including the applicable rules on catering and public safety.

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