Ax 2012 Rebate Agreements

Calculation: As the amount in the order is 10 and the amount of the discount is 13 per quantity, a reduction amount of 130 came in the amount of the starting discount. We want to use this feature for customer discount agreements. Amount per unit – The amount of the discount in the Value field is applied per unit purchased. Percentage – The amount of the discount in the value field is a percentage. In the diagram below, you`ll find the full process of processing discounts. 5. The table shows a minimum amount as 5. This means that the discount agreement applies to the purchase of at least 5 coins. Hello, we have the same problem on the hardware.

Made all the post-documentation configurations I could find, but can`t get the system to calculate discounts, get financial size errors, the system doesn`t copy the dimensions of the original transaction and there`s no place I can find to update them manually, tried cumulative functionality and invoice mail always worked. Now let`s make an agreement on commercial premiums. From a commercial point of view, a contract is concluded between two partners (discount providers and discount recipients). This contract sets out the terms, conditions and duration of the agreement. In a discount agreement, you indicate the beneficiary of the discount, the value of the discount and the duration of the agreement, as well as the criteria on which the discount is based. They can also set the amounts to be anticipated. Choose either all customers or specific – this will be our beneficiary of the discount. Hello, I`m trying to find a way to refuse discount lines instead of approving them. Have you found a way to do that? Thank you! Once a discount is marked for processing, the following steps are used to create a credit for a debtor or to redistribute it to creditors: Nevertheless, you can see the amount of the rebate applied in the price details application form (see order > > price details). If you want a discount agreement to be applied to a group of creditors, you must create a credit discount group.

6. In the lines, click The Add button. Enter the value from 5 and the value to give 15. The value is given as 13. This means that if a purchase of section 0022 is made from quantity 5 to 15, a discount of 13 per unit is granted. PS: If you still use the chain account for discounts/bills, you can set the account directly to the debit card. This way, you don`t need to select them manually every time you create a new order: in the revenue box, select the option that accumulates debit sales for the calculation of discounts. Options include invoice, week, month, year and debit period. 12. An unpaid invoice of -130 has been established. This must now be charged and therefore a discount of -130 has been granted. Amount equal to the amount of the rebate.

In our case, there were 2 coins with the unit price 275 -550 This configuration really indicates how the discount contract should be paid to the customer. In reality, the actual payment of a discount or TMA type discount contract is no different. The customer form allows you to pay the customer with a credit or reduce a lender`s cheque (AP).

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