Gfps Collective Bargaining Agreement

Wage maintenance and benefit agreements during school closures provide that all district employees maintain health care and that overtime must be authorized in advance by an employee`s supervisor. Any leave taken during school closures is deducted from the worker`s leave provision. The agreement also emphasizes that all employees who work on-site during this period comply with Center for Disease Control guidelines and that district staff may be asked to perform tasks outside of their normal work. “Both agreements stipulate that every part-time and full-time worker benefits from their regular working time as long as they continue to work as necessary and as requested by their supervisor,” said Kerry Dattilo, GFPS` director of human resources. “As part of this declaration of intent, the borough wants to extend the same durations and has extended the same conditions to all full-time and part-time workers who are not covered by a collective agreement.” As controversial as the process is, collective bargaining is worth it for both AFEA and the CFP. Teachers must rightly be respected by public school board members. The public needs to know that its school services are investing taxpayers` money prudently. The Grand Forks community and professional educators are well served by this agreement. The municipality recognizes that investing in the district`s professional faculty strengthens the GFPS` ability to attract and retain the quality professional staff that Grand Forks students need and deserve. Teachers have earned the respect of the board of directors by united and speaking with one voice. In this way, they were able to help the municipality and the school authority understand that their investments in teachers are affordable and smart.

The terms of the agreement were reached following a meeting between the borough and several bargaining groups during the month of March to establish memoranda of understanding (memoranda of understanding, MOU) to compensate district employees for the duration of school closures. Follow her on Twitter @skylar_rispens or on Facebook on Skylar Rispens. I am writing today to congratulate both the Grand Forks Education Association and the Grand Forks School Board on their recently concluded contract negotiations. Skylar Rispens reports education and the latest news for the Great Falls Tribune. To contact her with comments or story ideas, please email her at However, if an employee`s vacation relates to COVID-19, it is not taken by personal banks, but the district “may request medical documents.” “It was helpful in some areas where we needed more staff,” Dattilo said. .

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