Interline Agreement Baggage Check Through

I expected to see something like a big “NOPE!”, but instead, there is no mention of the luggage hole. Now, you`re probably going to scratch your head and say why I`d buy two tickets? Well, it`s becoming more and more common as passengers look for ways to reduce costs. For example, if you are travelling from Denver to Athens, you may find that it is cheaper to buy a ticket from Denver to NYC and buy a second ticket from NYC to Athens. Similar cases fly in the United States, where it is cheaper to buy a ticket from your original airport at a connecting airport and a second ticket from the connecting airport to your final destination. In the past, airlines would have located your luggage to your final destination, as long as you showed them both tickets (or etickets). Now, American, United and Delta will check your luggage until the connection, where you have to pick it up and re-inspect it. Unlike many baggage fees, these rules apply to members with elite status and apply even if the second ticket is booked with an airline that is part of the airline`s same marketing partners/alliances. The answer depends on your ticket. If all your flights with several airlines are on the same ticket, your luggage will be checked to your final destination. If you fly different airlines with different tickets, you must pick up your luggage at connecting airports and check in for your next flight. If you have a separate ticket on another carrier, you must request baggage at the destination of the first ticket office and check the baggage at the final destination with the other carrier. Baggage can be checked in to the final destination if the separate travel trip includes flights from Star Alliance members.

These codes tell you exactly where the bags are going. If the IATA codes are a closed book for you, go to this site. Remember the codes you want to see on your day. If you see that the tags only indicate the IATA code of the first airport you apporach, you can be sure that the agent has not checked your luggage to the final destination. The easiest way to do this is ExpertFlyer. Unfortunately, you need a PRO account to check which airlines have interline agreements.

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