Microsoft Cloud Agreement Csp

Provides partners with the ability to forward customers to Microsoft to accept an agreement instead of imposing a partner certificate. You must confirm that a customer has accepted Microsoft`s customer agreement. You can confirm either by confirming that the customer has accepted the contract, or by inviting the customer to accept the contract directly. See confirmation of a customer`s acceptance of Microsoft`s customer agreement. The Evergreen Agreement replaces the renewal terms for expired subscriptions. As a partner, you must obtain your customer`s agreement to the Microsoft Customer Agreement before you can order Microsoft products and services for that customer. In order to better help partners meet compliance requirements, Microsoft Partner asks to confirm acceptance by providing the following details of the person who accepted the agreement: Make sure that the primary user contact information displayed is correct. If this is false, select Update and enter the exact information for the person who agreed to the agreement. Enter the first name, last name, email address, and phone number (optional) of the person who accepted the agreement. Enter the date corresponding to the date of acceptance of the contract. You cannot set this at a future date. Microsoft is improving the shopping experience to better support all customers, whether you`re embarking on a digital transformation or secure your place in a competitive marketplace. It doesn`t matter if your organization is large or small, you can still purchase through the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

If someone makes a purchase in your organization, you agree to the same agreement. The Microsoft Partnership Agreement offers Microsoft partners a unique, digitally accepted partnership agreement. The Microsoft Partnership Agreement contains a set of ongoing terms that help Microsoft, its partners, and customers support privacy protection and security, promote compliance, and promote sound business practices. *Customers who start with a partner-confirmed MCA in the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) must re-sign the agreement for other channel purchases. Under Microsoft Customer Agreement, please indicate whether or not that customer has provided confirmation. All Cloud Solution Provider partners (including indirect vendors, indirect resellers, and direct billing partners) can sign the MPA online in the Partner Center. Direct and indirect billing partners active in the government cloud can also sign the MPA in the Partner Center. On October 1, 2019, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Customer Agreement for the CSP program to replace the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. . . .

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