Smart Td Agreement

Click below to view important documents such as the UTU Constitution, Rates of Pay, Railway Labour Act and National Railway Agreements in .pdf format. You can also search for national railway agreements by text by clicking the Search link. One of the most important federal laws that gives our union the structure to work is the Railway Labour Act. Some brief enumerations that you should keep in mind when reading these agreements are as follows: our national agreements are negotiated by our international division (SMART-Transportation Division) and the National Carrier Committee (NCCC). You can visit the SMART-TD website or the NCCC website to see who participated in the last national agreement we had. The General Committee on Adjustments (GCA) negotiates agreements for all residents under the jurisdiction of the ACA. Our GCA is SMART-TD GCA 225. This committee is responsible for negotiating agreements for all former CNW communities. The Summary Index Prize contains precedents and past decisions and allows you to search for the price theme.

If you have found a matching price, you will find the full text in the price database to download and print. 1972-03-23 UTU Local Preference of Service Agreement (Understanding) .pdf 2004-05-27 UTU GCA Vacancy Procedures for Extra Boards.pdf Over the years, a number of labor protection conditions have been put in place for employees, which have been affected by mergers, closures, and other events, either agreed, regulated by law, or imposed by the Interstate Commerce Commission (now the Surface Transportation Board). . . .

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