Washington Sports Club Membership Agreement

“We are pleased that members of the Washington Sports Club (WSC) are no longer subject to totally unreasonable terms, as WSC has now committed to freezing memberships, providing credits and allowing free cancellations,” said AG Racine. “This will help ease the financial pressure on District Club members during the pandemic, and the Attorney General`s Office (BA) will ensure that WSC delivers on its promises. I encourage all residents of the district who are treated unfairly by a company to contact the OAG for assistance. Charming gyms, which typically operate with smaller margins, also offer flexible options. Mint Gym has two locations in northwest D.C. and offers members the option to suspend their membership. Class Pass has automatically frozen memberships and offers virtual courses on a separate salary scale. The stark contrast between these guidelines and those of the Washington Sports Club has provoked the anger – but not the shock – of some members. “They are shady under normal circumstances, but their approach during the COVID-19 shutdown is unacceptable,” Barolin wrote in an email. He has been trying to freeze his membership at the Dupont site since March 21, but has not received a direct response.

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, chains like Anytime Fitness, VIDA, Balance, and Gold`s Gym sent emails directly to their members announcing temporary billing bans, free membership bans, and information about virtual classes for those who chose to keep their membership. Last month, AG Racine partnered with the attorneys general of New York and Pennsylvania and sent TSI a letter calling for immediate changes to its policies, including requiring TSI to include an automatic, free membership freeze. Some gyms also found that if members voluntarily decided to continue paying fees, that money would be used to pay gym staff. Sport & Health announced that while the company “does not expect you to continue to pay dues,” all membership fees “will be used directly to support our employees.” This isn`t the first time the city has had problems with TSI. Racine filed a lawsuit against the company last year over its termination and membership policies. Three years earlier, TSI had reached a settlement with the Attorney General`s Office and accepted a $20,000 payment to local clients. The letter requires TSI to stop charging monthly dues and cancellation fees during the coronavirus pandemic and stop withholding information about how memberships can be terminated. (Read the full letter here.) Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced today that Town Sports International, LLC (TSI), the parent company of Washington Sports Club (WSC), will end fees for members while gyms are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. .

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