Arti Wedding Agreement

Wattpad itself is a website that allows its users to submit works in the form of articles, stories, novels, poems, etc. This marriage deal is one of them in Wattpad. Mia Chuz`s work was one of the most read on Wattpad before being brought to the screen. Archie, as a director, combines this film with color palette techniques on the color side of clothing. This is an interesting artistic side and often forgotten by Sineas. Archie managed to do well. One thing that is close to my heart in this film is that Aghniny Haques is less than a maximum comedy for her role as Sarah. You can`t say it`s bad, just a little less greget. Yes, it`s just a personal opinion. Tari himself is an orphan raised by his aunt (Ria Irawan) and uncle (Mathias Muchus). Because he didn`t want this wedding from the beginning, so he did his best at home, especially Tari complained when something was wrong with her. Tari accompanies Bian to the hospital and waits outside, Tari meets Aldi.

When Tari and Aldi arrive in Sarah`s room, they see Bian and Sarah snuggling up, making Tari sad and disappointed. Tari decides to leave for a while to calm down. Before Tari leaves, he asks Bian to leave Sarah because she already loves Bian, but Bian doesn`t answer. Bian feels lonely and loses Tari, often contacted bian Tari, but he is ignored. After leaving home for 1 week, Tari meets Pakde and her home, and is recommended to be a bereaved woman and not run away from difficulties. Bian then explains to Tari, upon her return, that Sarah comes unsolicited. Tari does not try to take care of it and intends to go to Bandung with her best friend, Friend. Even though Bian asked him not to leave because there was a family event with Bian.

Along the way, Tari got into so much trouble that she finally went home and went to Bian`s show at the right time, when Bian`s sister felt her marriage was in trouble. Where aldi is hahaha. Aldi “heats up” Bian even as he often goes to his Tari seminar. yes, Tari said then to Bian, if he left later, Bian will ask permission for the trip to go well. I would like to comment on the story of this wedding film (2019). First of all, I am disoriented by Tari`s work. As I am not a reader of the novel, there should be a scene in the film that explains the exact functioning of the dance. He is a fried bread entrepreneur, but most of the contents of business seminars. I thought this dance was just a dropshipper or a fried bread dispenser? But if the contractor usually has his own factory, although it can be homemade. I imagine it would be nice if Tari seemed to have subordinates and she seems to deal directly (albeit a scene) with bread. That`s cool. So the seminar he did was not good, I think.

The shocking agreement stipulates that they will divorce for a year in the future. Bian claimed that he loved his friend Sarah (Aghniny Haque) and that he intended to marry her. Tari still painful, Bian reveals himself to get married, just to please his parents. Actually, Bian Tari doesn`t want to get married. See the rest of the story in the film Wedding Agreement, broadcast in Viu. The simple explicit consultation of ustadz is described in a study conducted in the morning after morning prayer. It`s a good habit, isn`t it? One of his advice is that marriage is like an equilateral triangle. Which of the husbands and wives will approach the mouth because of God. The goal is the disciple of God. And there`s still a lot of advice, but it doesn`t sound condescending, so it flows along the plot. So, more curious? The most adorable moments, but also the same.

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