Contoh Kalimat Disagreement Brainly

To accept is to accept. In one sentence, the use of consent means expressing approval of an idea or opinion. To express consent, we use the expression of consent Here are some examples that can be used to express approval I hope the answers below can help answer your question. Also, you can visit the following links to see examples of other sentences that express agreements and disagreements. An agreement is a phrase that indicates consent. Disagreement is a sentence that indicates disapproval. The following is an example of a sentence that indicates consent and dissent. Me: Of course, why not? I am happy about that. Do you want to bring fries and drinks for me? Ania: You don`t remember that we`ll go to the museum tomorrow after class. .

Keep it up! Read more by looking at the following link: Ania: Probably not because my money is now limited. But we could cook together for tomorrow. Agreement and Disagrement is an English expression that is used to express approval or rejection of something, and how we react to a statement by someone: Wait, I remember now. Yes. The trip is about tomorrow. I totally agree with you. (Example: I understand your point, but I think there is another better way to solve this problem) I agree with you. I think it will be amazing (I agree with you. I thought it was great) 5.

I really hate this deal! I will go out if you accept this agreement. Ania: Did you hear what the teacher said yesterday? Meaning: No, I don`t think you should harass your friend Meaning: you`re right, I have to apologize to him. Ania: Oh, really? I don`t think so because I paid attention to it yesterday. And DISAGREE means that the opposite does not agree. B: I agree, smoking can cause fatal damage to your body Me: I`m not sure we`ll go to the museum tomorrow. I think it will be next week. Ania: Okay. What do you think I`m going to sit next to you? I disagree because it makes no sense. I didn`t think it was going to work (Saya tidak setuju karena itu tidak masuk akal. Saya juga berpikir itu tidak akan berjalan lancar) B: I disagree, we need to sleep more than 4 hours a day to stay healthy and energetic….

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