Euronext Market Data Agreements

Optiq® OMD broadcasts low latency, i.e. almost instantaneous real-time market data. It makes it possible to quickly make a strategic business decision based on reliable and accurate information. Euronext provides several levels of data. Choose what best suits your business needs. All market data is available in usable information formats. In addition, it contains international identification codes to enable global trade. Euronext real-time market data is widely disseminated on the screens of more than 60,000* professionals in more than 100 countries. The depth and breath of our market data reflects our liquid and pan-European markets and unique instrument portfolios. This contract only allows the internal use of Euronext`s real-time market data. If you wish to transmit real-time and/or delayed market data to third parties, please read the EMDA. Guide your company in a transparent environment and make business decisions with confidence with the help of Euronext market data. Contains index data, pre-trade data, and post-trade data.

Euronext market data offers buyers and sellers of financial instruments a better guarantee of price execution. Our market data brings you as close as possible to the book. Therefore, you can be more sure to encounter orders when you react to our market data. You want to obtain real-time market data from Euronext from a redistributor (e.g.B. Data Vendor) via a data feed and only for your own (internal) needs. Display Usage: Display market data on a terminal, screen or other way here. Note that for some real-time market data products, the fees are lower if you are a private customer. Euronext also provides, in accordance with the requirements of MiFIR Art. 13 (1) free access to deferred data. For more information, see MiFID II – Delayed Data Publication.

Retail brokers offer brokerage services to individuals and households, while (institutional) brokers mainly provide brokerage services to buy-side (institutional) companies. As part of these brokerage services, more than 80 brokerage firms offer Euronext market data products to professional and private investors. Data providers aggregate, standardize and distribute market data from multiple exchanges and/or APAs and combine it on a single platform. Data providers provide different types of information for different industries, sectors, or groups. They can also add value by obtaining additional information, such as analytics, messages or tools for visualizing market data. In some cases, data providers distribute market data to end users as raw data. More than 40 data providers distribute real-time market data to Euronext. Real-time market data is disseminated within 15 minutes of the first publication by Euronext. Deferred market data is released (plus) 15 minutes after the first publication by Euronext. The content is the same.

Test trading strategies, develop risk and execution models, perform post-trade analysis, and conduct academic research. We provide historical data on all instruments traded on the euronext markets. All agreements currently active within Euronext Real-Time Market Data for the supplier plan You are a member of the trade who wants to obtain real-time market data from an extranet service provider (ESP) or an application service provider (ASP). . . .

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