Pay As You Go Agreement

By registering on the THEO portal, the licensee (a) accepts that licensees and payment providers are independent companies and do not have a partnership, agency or labour relations; and (b) that payment services are subject to all applicable terms and conditions of the payment service provider, as published on its website, including, but not exclusively, the service agreement the final terms of use and, Stripe`s payment terms and and Stripe`s privacy policies applicable to, these conditions being applicable directly between the licensee and the payment provider. This agreement and any agreement reached under this agreement constitute the whole agreement between the parties and replace all negotiations, agreements and pre-arrangements, whether in writing, between the parties with respect to the purpose of the agreement. Any amendment to this agreement is only valid if it is signed in writing or on behalf of each of the parties. By using, accessing, downloading or operating one of the products, the licensee constitutes an unconditional agreement to be bound by this license agreement. Upgrades are all changes, new features, extensions, versions of new product releases and other similar developments that have not yet been announced as updates by the licensee on its website. These upgrades may result in additional costs and require a separate agreement between the parties and/or are specifically designed for the licensee or requested by the licensee. All you need to do is sign a Pay As You Go agreement. If you have any questions or need help with the contracts, please contact us via web chat. Unless the parties agree in writing or prohibit the application of this provision under existing legislation, the licensee may not seek to modify, adapt, adapt, collect, decompilize, decompilize, decompile, decode, decipher or detect in any way, remove the source code or any other part of the mechanisms and algorithms used by the product, remove restrictions or create derivative works.

The licensee cannot modify, modify, adapt, transport or merge the product or part of it. The payment provider refers to a payment platform from a third-party provider made available to the taker. Currently, licensee Stripe Payments Pty Ltd uses ACN 160 180 343 as a third party for payment services via

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