The California Business Roundtable recently conducted a poll showing strong support for Proposition 13.  Here is information from the press release and a link to the poll:

“Prop. 13 is one of the few protections homeowners and businesses have left in a state where the special interest groups and the legislature are frequently looking for new sources of increased revenue. Californians clearly understand that Prop. 13 provides an invaluable level of certainty in a very high tax state,” said Rob Lapsley, president of the California Business Roundtable.

Key Findings: 1) Nearly 80 percent of likely voters are either very or somewhat familiar with Prop. 13, 2) More than 60 percent of likely voters think Prop. 13 has been good for California, 3) Support for Prop. 13 is bipartisan. 65 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans would support Prop. 13 if it was on the ballot today, 4) Voters prefer fixing loopholes in how Prop. 13 is implemented over enacting a split-roll property tax.

“Our new data should be a warning call to any group that is looking to raise property taxes. Property values are still very sensitive to Californians and the state currently has an almost six billion dollar budget surplus. Rather than looking to homeowners and businesses for even more tax revenue to fund state government, let’s have a comprehensive debate on tax reform and how to spend what we already have,” Mr. Lapsley continues.

The poll was conducted April 30-May 12 and surveyed 2,000 likely voters using mobile phones and online polling. A copy of the poll can be found here.


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