Rumah Tempat Syuting Wedding Agreement

From here, we know that Archie knows very well where the marriage agreement is going. It`s nice to see the headliners of this film bringing a domestic drama to life and making jokes on occasion. This joke taught us that Bian and Tari have a strong chemistry. This makes the audience understandable with the end of the story. On the other technical side, the cinematography is beautiful, although it does not use many images of beauty of mountainous landscapes, forests or beaches. The location in the house, jakarta streets and trains and MRI stations also uses beautiful look and spoil the eyes. This film is the first Indonesian film to show the atmosphere of the Jakarta train and the MRI station on the cinema screen. “Because I think the partner in the film didn`t come. I told him his sister Shinta. “Don`t be alone, it`s your brother.” I`m still waiting, I`m embarrassed in the room to go to the kitchen, because up to 00.00 WiB, at 01.00 WIB, don`t go home, laughing at this sneer. It`s different from my son before, why as my son`s bed type. It was first my ruin there,” he explained. At one point, Bian Tari invites to attend Dad Bian`s birthday, they act like a happy couple.

On the birthday, they met Bian`s cousin, Aldi, Bian didn`t like Aldi because Aldi was aware of his relationship with Sarah, and they left the birthday even though the event took place. Tari then sought redress for acting in front of Bian`s parents, Tari asked Aldi to accompany him with his monthly purchases at the supermarket. When Tari waited for Bian to eat at the sushi restaurant, Bian didn`t come. It turns out that Bian came to see Sarah because Sarah had a small car accident. At another time, Pakde and Bude Tari return home to spend the night, and they return to play as a happy couple. Bude also advised Tari because Bude and Pakde were married also for matchmaking, Tari Bude covered the state of his household. Nursyah also accepted Aries` arrival at the beginning of the match at his home to teach Indah to play guitar. Shortly after her marriage, Bian Tari asked to sign a stamp duty agreement that contained her budget for only one year. Then Tari divorces and Bian returns to Sarah`s arms. Film Wedding Agreement offers instructions and lessons from the four things when building household divers. Even if the couple that is offered to us by matchmaking fruits, it is obviously not easy to live a new life together. Although the story itself is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Eria Chuzaimiah (Mia Chuz) ..

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