CBPA is coordinating with Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes (CSHPT) and allied groups such as the California Chamber, CalTax, and Howard Jarvis, to respond to this attack on Proposition 13, through news media, social media, and direct contact with legislators.

If you want to get involved to help protect your business from this threat supporting our statewide communications effort is what is needed NOW.  Contact Rex Hime by simply replying to this email for more information on how to help.

Additionally, talk to anyone that will listen about how a $9 billion tax increase will hurt your business.  Tell local officials what unpredictable taxes on your properties will do to your ability to remain viable and keep tenants.

You will also see stories in the paper, online, and on the radio.  Please know that we are pushing back but we can’t cover everything.  Click here to find materials that can help you respond.


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