Verbal Agreement Mom

The good news is that it can be pretty easy to follow these tips, especially if you already have a schedule. By negotiating and forming a custody contract, you can receive all your conditions in writing, which everyone then signs before a notary. If someone does not comply with the agreement, they can be sued for breach or modification of the agreement, and the court can intervene to enforce the terms of the agreement, which are clearly set out and defined in advance. Dear Mr. Premack, before my mother died, she asked that her house belong to my sister and me. Since we both had houses and her grandson hadn`t, she said he could stay until he left or died. The verbal agreement was that he would take care of the house and will pay the taxes on the house. On the tax bill, the term they use for him is “neglect of life,” but he didn`t pay the taxes and he didn`t try to preserve the house. Circumstances have changed and my sister wants to move into my mother`s house. What are our legal problems? Thank you – GG Since I started practicing law, the only advice I have given more than anyone else has been to “get it in writing”. This is the best method, whether you`re dealing with a lease (yes, people do have oral rental agreements, but it`s a completely separate topic), splitting up your property, or opting for a visit plan for your kids. Without written agreement, whether in the form of a “contract” or a consent settlement, it can be very difficult to enforce the schedule you have set in the event of a problem.

The threat of legal action for breach of an oral contract absolutely cannot help the case if a party intends not to implement the agreement….

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