The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is updating its Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) via an emergency rulemaking process that will be completed by mid-July.  The last major update to the MWELO was completed in 2009 and starting in 2010, all local jurisdictions have been required to implement the state requirements or adopt a local program that is at least as, or more, stringent than the DWR water conservation plan.

As part of the Governor’s Drought Emergency Executive Order issued in April, DWR was directed to fast-track an update to the MWELO, and that is exactly what DWR is doing.  Draft regulations were made available to the public on Friday, June 12th.  Two public hearings were conducted the following week and the deadline for written comments is today.  DWR staff will review comments and then provide a final draft to the California Water Commission for adoption on July 15th.  If all goes as DWR intends, the updated regulations will take effect throughout the state on November 1, 2015.

For a copy of the comments submitted by CBPA and the 10-member industry coalition simply respond to this email.


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