What Countries Does Canada Have A Social Security Agreement With

Hello I am a Canadian citizen when I marry us, so my husband has the right to get a pension in Canada? When and how much? What does it bring to Canada? How can I calculate? Do I want to know where I`m going? thx so much if I get all this information make sure you return your life certificate or renewal form to work and income immediately. Their benefits or pensions are suspended if they are not refunded and cancelled within 8 weeks if they are still not reimbursed after 16 weeks. Hello, Doug, your help will be greatly appreciated. I am 15 years old, I live in Courtice, Ontario. My question is about the survival pension. My father is dead, and apparently I can apply for this pension here in Canada and in my father`s country, Chile. My father worked in Chile for a short time, when he was young, before coming to Canada as he did 50 years ago. Both pensions work the same way. Being a student until I`m 24. Can I receive both reversion pensions? (My mother divorced my father, at least for the survival pension in Chile, she is not eligible). If I apply for the pension in Chile via Service Canada (Chile and Canada have an agreement), how does it work? If I am ashamed in Chile, I must, among some documents they ask, obtain Chilean nationality, which I do not have about it. To do this, I also need a Chilean identifier, similar to our SIN, whose number is used for almost everything in Chile.

So, just to begin with, I should get these two things through the Chilean Consulate in Toronto. If I apply for the survival pension in Chile via Canada, would it be the same with respect to the necessary documents, which means that I still have to do the same at the consulate mentioned above? That`s what I want to avoid. Assuming I apply to Canada, how does the payment of Chile`s benefit work? I would not worry about paying from here. The Chilean institution sends money to Canada and Canada pays me? I guess some things, as you can see, do not know, for example, whether I can get both pensions. If only one pension was allowed, how or who decides? If I stay with the Chilean pension because the monthly payment is more than the pension here in Canada, Canada enters it, with the exception of the tax issue? Doug, right now, I don`t know what to do. I asked a few questions about it by phone in Ottawa (International Division Human Resources and Development) and they have no idea about the case.

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